As a community of off-roaders, we welcome those who would like to join via membership to submit an expression of interest which will then be reviewed for approval. If successful onboarding then takes place.   Membership carries certain responsibilities, not least participation in the life of the Club through our calendar activities, adhering to the Club’s code of conduct, and sharing your knowledge and skills with other members via our various communication channels and during club activities.

Key requirements for membership

  • Own a 4×4 car – adequate clearance for our typical off-road situations is recommended. The car must have locking differentials.
  • Willingness to participate in not less than 2 club trips per year (out of the 4 club trips per year) as well as in other club activities as shared in our annual calendar.

Upon completion of your expression of interest, you will receive communication on the next steps including details for payment of joining fees. (Kshs 30,000)

Bundu Rovers Club Membership Expression of Interest



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