The Bundu Story

Way back in 2008 a couple of us used to meet at a garage to have this and that fixed on our Land Rovers.  The first interesting discovery was that there were several of us… we each used to think we were lone rangers as young (African) guys owning Land Rovers and all of a sudden there we were.

We’d talk about the machines and the things we did with them and why they needed fixing or some modifying and slowly these conversations came to a head with one conversation about doing more than just meeting at a garage.  That was the birth of Bundu Rovers!

We very quickly agreed we needed to put something together to get other young like minded Land Rover owners on board – a for us by us initiative – and our many discussions and workings around how to best organize this led to Bundu Rovers Club!

What we do

We spend our time together getting engaged with a whole variety of activities from drives, camping, training, family fun & pay and play days at various places! Not to mention getting in touch with our green side doing tree planting activities with the Nairobi Greenline Initiative.  Some highlights from the past 3 years

Reason for existence

To demystify the Land Rover and all it stands for among young people, and especially young Africans who think it’s a rich man’s car or a white man’s car! To share in the thrills that one can only experience in the best 4×4 ever made, especially off the tarmac!  To share ideas and network on how to improve our Land Rovers – Service, Parts and Accessories and to definitely have a different kind of fun!

The adrenaline and high thrill of off-roading with a standard Land Rover and not having to modify it to Rhino Charge specs sums it up!  We seek out thrills and go out and enjoy them!  We recognise right from the beginning that our thrills are hidden in nature and so it has been an integral part of our enjoyment to keep nature solid and clean

Giving back

The club is not just about enjoying ourselves.  We partner actively with initiatives that go above and beyond the usual call of duty.  Some of the special partnerships have included:

Nairobi Greenline Initiative – right from the start of this initiative club members turned up at tree planting events to ferry seedlings and people as well as take part in the tree planting.  When Wangari Maathai passed away members chose to spend a day planting trees in celebration of her life at the Nairobi National Park and while we were at it what a nice BBQ we had at one of the park’s picnic sites!

Ubuntu Foundation holds a special place in our hearts as their initiative touches on children with neurological disorders, bringing normalcy to their lives through fun, therapy and socialization. Club members have taken part in fun days, dinners and made visits to Ubuntu Café a standard feature of drives to Naivasha just to catch up and share in the spirit of Ubuntu.